Generator Do’s and Dont’s


Choose the best quality Australian Made 15 amp power leads. 
Use the shortest lead you can.  Long leads can create power resistance meaning at the end of the lead you may have 220 volts or less.
Sit your Yamaha Generator level on a hard surface or a rubber matt.
Periodically service your Yamaha Generator and keep a log book. Your local Yamaha Generator dealer is always the best choice, especially if it’s still within the warranty period.
Use 95 or 98 octane unleaded fuel.
Use the oil suggested by Yamaha, Yamalube SAE 10W/30. If the oil is dark or black, change it right away with Yamaha Oil SAE 10W/30 for air cooled engines.
Use commonsense. 240 volt will kill you or your loved ones.  
Run your Yamaha Generator once a week. If it may sit unused for a period of time, use a fuel stabiliser, available from DTM Tamworth.
Chain or secure your generator to something unmovable to keep secure


Buy cheap imported leads
Sit it on bare ground, dirt and dust will be sucked into the machine
Use Ethanol based fuel. 
Use cheap auto oil 
Operate the generator around water

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