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Batteries Tamworth

We are a wholesale and retail seller of the following:

  • We stock a full range of AC Delco car, truck, 4wd, heavy vehicle and golf cart batteries.
  • We stock a full range Power-sonic rechargeable AGM and motorbike batteries.
  • We also stock a wide range of ‘delkor’ ‘full river’ ‘optima’ ‘invicta’ ‘zeal’ ‘hard core’’- lead acid, AGM and lithium batteries.
  • We also stock a wide range of battery chargers by ‘ctek’ ‘bm pro’ ‘ schumacher’ ‘projecta’ ‘gen-tech’
  • We also stock ‘invicta’ and ‘projecta’ jump starters.
AC Delco batteries for sale
Delkor battery sales tamworth
Powersonic rechargeable batteries

Cranking Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries

Battery FAQ

Can you install my battery for me?

Yes we can. We will change your battery for free if you can bring the vehicle to our workshop in Tamworth. We are happy to come to you but there will be a fee attached.

Can you check to make sure my battery needs replacing?

Yes we can. We offer free battery checks at our workshop in Tamworth.

Is there any warranty with your batteries?

At DTM Tamworth, we offer

  • 3 year warranty on personal vehicles.
  • 1 year on commercial vehicles.

The length of warranty depends on the type of battery and its application.

For further product information or sales please contact us

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